Following is our Long Term Strategic Plan based on 5 BIG GOALS. Everyday we strive some miles to achieve these ambitious goals and we can’t do it alone. We call for generous support from organizations, individuals, corporations to assist us in putting together right people, right resources in right programs to get things done.

Goal 1: Raise Awareness and Understanding on HPCare

There has been a strong lack of public awareness about hospice and palliative care – most people haven’t heard of it, or if they have, understanding it as a passive end-of-life care after the Active curative treatment is no longer working. Most people believe hospital is the place to die and it is worth trying the so called best and most costly medical treatment in ICU to lengthen the loved one’s life. The quality of life is not the priority or negligible in many people’s mind. There are also cultural taboos around death and the disclosure of diagnosis of terminal illness.


  • a) Run a series of national campaigns to help raise awareness of palliative care and hospice in Chinese American communities in hope of changing attitudes on the topic.
  • b) Collect, develop, distribute a wide range of information such as books, articles, videos, research papers and promote them thru social media channels and internet, to target a wide range of audiences who may need such information on serious illness, palliative care, end-of-life care, bereavement care, social resource, etc
  • c) Build Community Outreach Programs to connect with our prospect supporters and alliances: Community groups, professional associations, schools, healthcare providers, religious communities (Churches, Temples, etc.) and effectively engage them in echoing and responding to our advocacy

Goal 2: Support Education and Training

Even though WHO 2004 recommendation that governments include palliative care in training curricula for health workers at all levels, a systematic integration into higher education to medical school and nursing school systems, as well as continuing education for medical professionals, is still absent.
Education and Training is key for hospice palliative care provision and adoption.
We aim to ensure the workforce is fully equipped with skills they need to provide the best possible care and leadership.


  • a) We promote knowledge sharing to support higher education institutes to include palliative care into curriculum.
  • b) We support and collaborate with institutes that can develop certificate programs to train a workforce in palliative and hospice care field.
  • c) We review and advocate for a comprehensive range of education and training courses for professionals working in hospice and palliative care.
  • d) We will provide increased access to expertise of world class and a framework for better training and education programs.

Goal 3: Promote Quality Measurement and Enforcement

We advocate for existing Standard Operating Procedures , established guidelines and quality framework, quality metrics to ensure quality care is provisioned.
We offer support programs to help palliative care programs and hospice care service providers to adopt the established quality framework and quality metrics to achieve and maintain high standard in services they deliver


  • a) Provide education and improve understanding around key issues of quality framework and importance to build healthy and regulated palliative care and hospice programs.
  • b) Strengthen connections and where appropriate promote policy changes with key policy makers to enforce quality of hospice palliative care services.
  • c) Create venues so that hospice palliative care experts can have a place at the table on national policy decisions regarding future changes in integrating hospice and palliative care into health care system.

Goal 4: Support Palliative Care Programs

During the next several years there will be an increasing number of palliative care programs to start in response to the aging society.

We will leverage our network of palliative care experts to support these newly established programs.


  • a) Increase familiarity with the advantages of following SOP(Standard of Procedure)throughout the continuum of care plan.
  • b) Make tools and templates available to organizations assessing service quality metrics.
  • c) Increase capacity and skill level of palliative care programs by empowering them with top notch knowledge base and engage them with constant learning and communication.

Goal 5: Develop Products and Services with Technology to Further our Mission

To reach scalability and deepen and broaden our reach to our audience, we will develop proprietary tools, platform to deliver our educational and training content as well as creating a network of connected institutes, experts, and supporters


  • a) Create series of mobile APPs and EBooks that showcase the palliative care guidelines, reference books, Certificate Framework, Certification Test Preparation, CareGiver Education, etc
  • b) Develop mobile platform for online community of the network of palliative care institutes, programs, experts, groups, teams
  • c) Develop platform to deliver palliative care with telemedicine/telehealth technologyd) Develop Expert System of Palliative Care provision
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