Hospice and Palliative Care Alliance of China (HPCA)


We advocate and promote hospice and palliative care in communities where the awareness and acceptance about hospice palliative care is still lacking, in areas where it is underdeveloped and the population is under served, with a goal of furthering the availability and quality of hospice palliative care.

We focus our efforts on advocacy through collaboration with our partner organizations and our constituents of volunteers, supporters and donors .


Individuals facing serious illness, imminent death, and grief will have access to well-established holistic palliative and hospice care services integrated into all levels of the healthcare system, so the patients and their family will be able to experience the most appropriate care at the most difficult and challenging time of their life. 


HPCA believes in:

  • Breaking Cultural, Economical, Geographical and Social Barriers that Hinders the Development and Provision of Hospice Palliative Care
  • Collaboration, Teamwork, Partnership among our supporters and constituents
  • Promote Excellence and Quality in Education,Training and Services
  • Stewardship in managing our resources
  • Respecting the values and beliefs of others


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